Before we get started, just look at this:

Isn’t it the most beautiful cover you have ever seen? I know, I’m biased, but… it’s the most beautiful cover I have ever seen!

So, early on the publishing process, I decided that the one thing I should definitely invest in was the cover. As someone who picks up her books solely based on the cover more often than not, I knew I wanted this piece of the project to be the best it could be. I wanted it to match the tone of the story, I wanted it to show some of the elements, I wanted it to stand out – and, bias aside, I think I ended up with more than I aimed for.

I started researching cover artists in the usual websites indicated for self-published authors. One page led me to another, and to another, and to another, and soon enough I had more options than I could have ever dreamed. There were a few artists I liked, who I thought would be perfect to capture the story the way I wanted, but I still wasn’t feeling it. I bookmarked some websites, changing my mind every week as to what I wanted and who to contact.

Then, one of my friends suggested I searched elsewhere: Instagram. Do you know how many artists run their business exclusively on Instagram? Yep, neither did I. And I found a lot more people whose art I liked, with different levels of experience in cover design, and excellent skills. And it was there that I found my cover artist: Flavia! Click here to visit her page and see her amazing work!

Her style was exactly what I had in mind for WtNY, and she had worked in books before, so it was really perfect. I got in touch with her and waited nervously until she sent me the first drawing of what would be my cover. I was so afraid of hating it! But it didn’t happen – I absolutely loved it from the first sketch.

So, after very few adjustments and a couple of months, the most beautiful cover I have ever seen was finished!
Now, let me walk you through some of the key elements of the story that Flavia got to incorporate on the cover, but *SPOILER ALERT*! If you haven’t read the book and don’t want to get spoilers, stop reading now! Go back to the book and I’ll see you tomorrow with the last post of this WtNY series, where I’ll announce the Signed Copy Giveaway winner – there’s still time to enter, hurry up!

And I might also give you some info about the future… Bye!

Now, if you’re into spoilers…

Let’s start with the back cover: that’s Alana’s building in the corner! We also have a little ‘one way’ sign, pointing to the future – the only way to go. There’s something more we can see here, did you notice? Yes, yes, Alana and Harry! Alana pushing Juliet’s stroller and Harry with his man bun walking towards her. Plus a few random passers-by and the classic yellow cab to add to the NY vibe.

In the front cover, we have come classic NY buildings in the background of the ones we learned about in the book. First, the coffee shop where Alana and Harry meet for the first time. Right beside it we have Green Leaf, Harry’s tea house, with the lamp and the chalkboard and a plant. And then a Broadway Theater, where Alana will come to perform as a famous green witch in the future.

PS.: I don’t really know why green is such a recurrent color and theme throughout the story. My favorite color is purple.

There is one last detail here, that is probably my favorite: on Green Leaf’s second floor, there’s a plant vase with an ornament – two ribbon bows. That is to represent the ring (that is not a ring) with which Harry proposes to Alana! It’s such a sweet moment, and one of my favorites to have written.

That’s it! How do you like the cover? How many of the references had you noticed there? Do you agree it captures the feel of the story?
I’m hoping to have Flavia designing all my covers, so stay put for the next one. It’s coming soon, I promise!

We’re reaching the end of this little WtNY series, and I hope you liked reading about the story as much as I liked writing it!
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There’s still time!

Tomorrow I’ll be back to announce our lucky winner!
I might also have something to say about my current projects…

See you tomorrow!

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