As you might know, Once in a Lifetime is divided into two books — Becky’s POV and Pete’s POV. They are companion books, but not a series! The story is (kind of) the same, just told from different perspectives. You can start with whichever one you like.

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About Once in a Lifetime:

Twelve days, eight shows, six cities.
An unexpected, yet impossible-to-refuse invitation. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many unknown artists land this kind of gig?

Pete and Becky have been friends all their lives, almost as long as they’ve been a pop-punk duo. They moved from their small Northern hometown to London in hopes to ‘make it’, yet, almost a decade on, they’ve got little to show for their efforts. The pursuit of their dreams have taken its toll on both of them, and they’re desperately in need of a break.

Enter The Hacks—a bubblegum-pop trio that has been around for over twenty years. Todd, Tyler, and Tristan are brothers and were barely out of the diapers when their first album became a worldwide sensation. Their chart-topping success is long gone, but they’ve managed to stay relevant and keep a loyal fanbase.

After watching a video online, The Hacks contact Pete and Becky to be the opening act on their UK tour. Even though they don’t fit in the same genre—and the out-of-the-blue proposition raises a few suspicions—the duo sees it as an opportunity. Maybe they’ll get the visibility and the contacts they need to get a record deal. Maybe this is the chance they’ve been waiting for.

Twelve days, eight shows, six cities.
They’re going on tour.

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