Yes, the monthly playlist is back!

The first month of the new year was full of new songs. As always, some of them may or may not have inspired some stories… Keep an eye out in future book playlists!

You touch me and it’s almost like we knew
That there would be history between us two

I heard this one and automatically thought about one of the couples in Once in a Lifetime. Then I watched this video. It’s absolutely meant to be! You’ll see for yourself soon enough…

Sorry ain’t enough but it’s all I can say
Know it doesn’t count for much
Please don’t play the fool, it was coming someday
And what else can I do?
No, I’m not in love with you

This also makes me think of a certain couple, but from a story I didn’t even start writing yet. So, spoiler, but you’ll probably won’t even remember it by the time I finish that book.

I thought my demons were almost defeated,
But you took their side and you pulled them to freedom
I kept your secrets and I thought that you would do the same

Jacob has just released a full album of these acoustic sessions and I’m obsessed! His voice is one of my favorites and his music is entirely lyric-driven, I love all of them. Besides this one, Black Sheep and I Still Know You have been on repeat on my Spotify!

The same kind of music haunts her bedroom
I’m almost me again, she’s almost you

Hozier has some of my favorite lyrics ever. I love the way he writes and how he portrays emotions. He doesn’t even have a new album out yet, but I can already say I’m gonna love it!

“Oh, they love you! Oh, you can feel how they love you”
Coated and warm but that’s all they can do
Words only get through if they’re sharp

Words only get through if they’re sharp” has been one of my favorite quotes since she tweeted it out a few years ago. Now she has finally released the song it belongs to and, obviously, I love it. As I mentioned before, she has such a unique writing style and I relate deeply to her themes. I’m especially drawn to the ones where she talks about mental health. For me, it’s hard to find people that treat the subject just right. She does. Give her a listen!

How has your month been? Found any new artists? Heard anything that inspired you? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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