Mine was my bullet journal! I made one for the first time last year and it helped me a lot, so I decided to do it again this year.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, bullet journal is kind of your own handmade organizer. It’s good for making to-do lists and keeping track of your tasks, or even your habits! You choose what you want to add to it, and how you want to do it, and this is the whole charm of the bujo.

This is not a very clear explanation, but, turns out, it’s super easy to do, but incredibly difficult to explain to people! It’s easier if you see how other people do theirs, so let me show you how mine is looking for 2019.

Like every good newbie, last year I made too many pages and trackers that I ended up abandoning halfway through the year. They started feeling like a task and got me pretty overwhelmed — which is not the point at all. So this year I decided to cut it down to just the things I think will be essential for me. We’ll see how that goes!

These are my yearly pages (I mixed up Portuguese and English, so don’t mind that):

The first page! I stole this layout from someone online.

Here I’m going to write a letter to myself (I’m obsessed with letters) to open when the year ends and see how much things have changed.

This is one of my favorite pages, and one I really liked using last year. In 2018, I tried to do one thing I’d never done before every month. This year, I’m trying to repeat that, adding one action that will help improve my health and/or environment. I’m excited to try this!

The future log is also a very useful page.

Here I have finances and goals, which are things I didn’t try last year.

Have you ever heard of Postcrossing? It’s a website where you sign up to send and receive postcards from people around the world. It’s pretty cool! I’ve done it for a while a few years ago, and I’m planning to restart this year. On that blank space I’m going to draw or paste a world map, so I can have a visual of to and from where the postcards are traveling.

This is one I tried last year in several different ways and ended up abandoning it every time. But, this year, I have a clear goal in mind, so I’m trying again. My goal is 150k words, do you think I can do it?

This is probably my favorite spread! It turned out so cute! This is where I’ll keep track of the books I read and movies I watch this year. I’m not sure it will last the whole year, but I can always add another tracker further in the notebook. Also, the book page has a few easter eggs related to Welcome to New York and Once in a Lifetime…

I saw an example of this page online and absolutely loved it! I’m always annotating quotes from books or song lyrics, so this is perfect. And it will look so cool once it’s done!

The last yearly page is this brain dump one, where I plan on writing down all my random ideas. It’s just a place to empty my head, and once the page is full, I’ll add post-its over it.
And then we start my monthly spread, where I’m going to use last year’s formula: a space for monthly tasks, a playlist and monthly highlights. The highlights section was such a pleasant surprise for me! I read all the entries from last year in December and it really lifted up my spirits. There were so many good things that happened that I didn’t even remember anymore!

Then I have a page to write down my dreams (I have some pretty weird ones) and the weekly spreads. They’re very basic, but I found that the more elaborated I made this section, the less I used it. So, I’m keeping it simple and useful, which is the main point.

That’s it! Do I look like an organized person yet?
Are you into bullet journaling? Do you have one? Send me pics of yours, I’d love to see it!

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  1. we have to go to stationery store as soon as possible, because notebooks, pens and stickers are never enough!

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