As you may have seen in the bujo post, this year I decided to actually get myself a writing goal. I’ve never done that before and, to be honest, I thought that not reaching that goal would be really disappointing. So far, though, seeing those numbers go up has been nothing but motivating!

15k words so far, yay me!

I have to confess that I’m counting everything I’m writing with a creative purpose towards that goal — Once, the blog, the short stories. If it was for a single project, I don’t think I’d be this far. Especially because the single project (hint hint) is off to a rough start… Let’s talk about Once in a Lifetime?

Once in a Lifetime is my second novel, if you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m currently working on its first draft — or half of its first draft —, which I started to write as soon as I finished Welcome to New York. Well, actually, even before that. The idea for it came from an old fanfiction I never finished, but that was one of my favorite things I’d ever written. So, I rescued it, cringed with what actually was ‘my favorite thing ever written’, but still used the idea to make Once happen. You can find the blurb for it on the books page of the website!

My goal with this one started out simple — be different, be shorter. Different because I dread the possibility of finding a formula that works and sticking with it forever. I want to challenge myself, to challenge you, and to test different abilities. I want to write as I read — wide and varied. So, as much as Once is still (kind of) romance, it’s not as sweet and rounded as Welcome was. I hope you don’t mind it, hehe. And shorter because, well, have you read Welcome? Not only it’s super long, but it also took me three years to finish! I don’t want to take that long to write a book again. That’s why I set a very limited timeline within this story — twelve days, then it’s over.

I’m also writing in first person, which is kind of a return to my origins. I’ve always written fiction in first person. Welcome was the odd one out, since it started out as an experiment, with no clear purpose. This time I know what I want to do with it, it’s just a question of how to do it. Writing in first person is easier and harder at the same time. Easier because you only have one POV to worry about, one character to follow around, one brain to understand. And it’s harder for the same reasons. The story gets very limited with a first-person narrator. Also, there’s the whole thing with the voice — you have to find your character’s personality and write as if you were them. That’s actually not so hard to do if it is your first ever first-person narrated story. You can’t tell if the narrator sounds exactly like some other character in a different story if you never heard a story from some other character, right? The problem starts with the second first-person narrator. Well, my problem, anyway.

Yep. Once in a Lifetime will have a second narrator. It’ll actually have a second everything — hence me finishing just half of the first draft. It turns out my alpha-readers got so invested in one of the secondary characters that I kind of had no choice but to add his perspective in the story. I’m going to write everything over again, the twelve days, but in the way he sees it go down. So much for shorter, eh? And I’m back to square one, trying to find his voice, picking out his brain, deciphering how his POV fits into the narrative. Fun!

For now, I have no idea how I’m going to format this, although I’m leaning towards the idea of making it a duology — stand-alone, but companion books. I have a thing with series, so you won’t be getting any series from me anytime soon. Second AND third books at once, how about that? Also, I’m not telling you who will be telling this story along with Becky. However, you already know it’s a he. Any ideas?

So, what do you think about this plot twist? Do you think you’ll like this one? Would you like a sneak peek? Let’s chat!

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