The Short Story Experience: SHATTERED MOON

I was born on the day the moon fell apart. I was long gone before I could see it, though.

The survivors say it was madness. It changed everything – from how the planet functioned itself to how people functioned. Desperation took over and instead of finding solutions, they started to fight. Wars, in addition to the climate change, quickly wiped out every living being. Or so they say – I’m pretty sure some of us were left behind. History says they’ve sacrificed their own before, they’d certainly wouldn’t feel guilty for doing it again.

Those who didn’t die fled the planet in secret spaceships. Apparently, conquering the space had been a dream for a while, even before they knew the moon was cracking. Even though it was something out of reach at the time, a few territories started to build these spacecrafts, just in case. I’ve heard some of the elders say it was ‘divine providence’, whatever that means. They proved to be good enough for us to run away, but not good enough to take us anywhere.

After two years of apparent flawless activity, they started to shut down. It was little things at first, like automated locks and entertainment media. Then it was the sound system. The lights. Food production, medicine, heat. Funny thing is, we learned to survive it. We learned to overcome it and find solutions. And that makes me wonder whether we’d be able to do it back home. Had we stayed, would we learn to commune with our world as we’ve learned to do with this artificial container? Well, who knows. It doesn’t matter anymore. We can’t go back.

I was barely a toddler when we left. I don’t remember anything. The only moons I’ve seen are those from book pictures or old videos in the entertainment center. I’ve spent my entire life hearing about a place that ceased to exist and dreaming about one we’re not able to find. That we were not able to find.

For months now, we’ve been approaching a solar system. At first, it didn’t look very promising, as its sun is smaller than ours was and there are too many planets hovering around it. The crew sent out surveillance bots anyway, even though we’re running out of them. Turns out it was the right decision – the main star is not so useless, after all. We’d only have to pick a planet near it.

We chose the third one out of the nine planets in constant rotation. It’s the blue one. Apparently, it’s blue because of all the water. Ours didn’t have that much water. Personally, I’d vote for the fifth one – it has many more moons. The blue planet has only one. Looking on the bright side, though, at least it has one, which is better than zero that we have now.

I’m excited! I didn’t think I’d have the chance to set foot on a planet again. I didn’t think I’d ever see a moon. The last few weeks were busy here, with all the research we’re having to analyze. We’ve been monitoring every aspect of PL3.0 – that’s what we named it. So far, we’ve found a friendly enough atmosphere, some modified types of carbon and no intelligent life. Our arrival should be safe and peaceful.

We’ll see.

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4 thoughts on “The Short Story Experience: SHATTERED MOON”

  1. Great job with the short story – kept my interest & the subject intrigued me. Your ended the short story with me wanting more…

    How about a short story about Friday the 13th – showing the superstitions about that day coming true in a funny way?

    Just my 2 cents worth. lol.🤔

    Love & Peace

    1. Hi!
      This is a really good question!
      So, first of all, I need to be completely alone in order to write. Having people around and snooping makes me anxious. I also need some music playing. I always have a playlist on that matches the mood that the specific piece I’m writing requires. And I usually write at night, after I have nothing else to do (and ran out of ideas to procrastinate).

      Thank you for stopping by! 💜

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