As I said in previous posts, music has a heavy influence on my writing. I listen to music all the time, and I’m constantly in the lookout for songs that fit into my plots. Or for plots that would fit into the songs. Sometimes it’s hard to say what comes first.

This year I’ve been keeping a bullet journal (anyone else?), and every month I’ve been making lists of the songs I loved discovering that month. Some of them have already inspired parts of the book I’m writing now, and even the next one. Some I just liked for reasons unrelated to writing.

Anyway, since music is such a big part of my life, I thought I’d share my monthly findings with you!
These are my September favorites.

For a While – The Band CAMINO
Out of touch and out of rhyme
The girl you’ll never find
She’s so damn honest
She won’t stick around for sure
The guy that she’ll ignore
She’s too damn honest

This is how the song starts. And it immediately made me think of Becky! She’s definitely ‘too damn honest’, and this characteristic of hers drives a lot of the plot in Once in a Lifetime. Keep an eye (or ear) out for this one in the playlist that will come with book #2!

These Songs Are Yours – Andrew Douglas
I don’t see how it’s worth it if you’re not here with me
‘Cause out of all these faces, yours is the only one that I want to see
I can’t help thinking about all that we could be
So, can’t you see?
So, can’t you see?
All these songs are yours

This is quite a sad one. In fact, you will notice that most of the songs I like are sad. There’s actually a scientific explanation for that – really, I read it in an article once. Maybe I’ll make a post about it if I manage to find that article again.

Brightest – Copeland
If you find yourself here
On my side of town
I pray that you’d come to my door
And talk to me
Like you don’t know
What we ever fought about
‘Cause I don’t remember anymore

This one is short, sweet, and… sad. Well, this and the previous one might appear in the playlist for book #3. Yep, I’m already thinking ahead. In fact, a little spoiler: book #3 was actually meant to be book #2, but after WtNY I wanted to try to write something shorter, so I switched stories. Which means book #3 is going to be a long one again. And, judging by the songs, probably sad? Well, who knows, we’ll see…

Like Everybody Else – Lennon Stella
What made me think I was special
I’m not special
Turns out I’m like everybody else

This one has no writing reasons, I just really like it. I think we all feel like that sometimes – isolated, tired, invisible. I think this song captures the feeling pretty well, both lyrically and melodically.

Sincerity is Scary – The 1975
And why would you believe
You could control how you’re perceived
When at your best you’re intermediately
Versed in your own feelings?

I’m a big The 1975 fan. I love how Matty writes, and even though he mostly writes about himself, I find myself relating to his lyrics a lot. This sort of weird connection is my favorite part about music.

I’d love to hear what you’ve been listening to lately, so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!

Also, you can follow me on Spotify and keep an eye in what I’ve been listening, if that’s something you’re into. I love seeing what my friends are listening to, and I discover a lot of new music through them. Some of them say it’s a little stalkerish of me… I say it’s research!

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