Spurred by a conversation we were having on the subject “fansons will buy anything” , my friend, who has chosen to remain anonymous but who is a fucking creative genius, came up with the above selection of possible merch coming soon to your friendly HNET store.

The scary thing is, I can see people buying that stuff.

First of all this is fucking BRILLIANT.

That said, you forgot a few things.

Strong Enough to Break Condoms
(a little wordplay trickery bc Hanson doesn’t REALLY believe in or condone the use of contraception)

Me Myself and I Vibrator
Isaac, Taylor, or Zac? Now you won’t ever have to choose! This delux top of the line singing vibrator comes with three different settings, easily adjustable to quite literally fill your needs!

And last but not least:
Get Up and Go Adult Diapers:
A must-have for any hardcore Hanson fan in the year 2065.
When you gotta go you gotta go,
and now you won’t have to lose your place in the front row!


I’m crying and peeing simultaneously. I think I need a pack of Get Up and Gos.


I was sent this last night. It’s hilarious.
Sad thing is, I can see fansons buying it all…

I want all things

I actually thought this was real for a mo and it didn’t shock me!

Hahahaha! I’d like to see Hanson promoting these stuff…!

I literally choked from laughing. 

Reblogging my own post for the comments

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