Let’s talk a little more about book #2, Once in a Lifetime!

Our story starts when our narrator Becky and her sidekick Pete accept the gig of being opening acts for the UK tour of an American band. This band is called The Hacks.

Todd, Tyler and Tristan are not only bandmates, but also siblings. Like many before (and after) them, their family caught up to their musical potential early on, and a band was formed. Also like many before (and after) them, they experienced a huge success as kids, but were unable to keep up with it as they grew up. They didn’t give it up, though. Fame and popularity were never the reasons why they made music, and they’ve learned from the setbacks to work even harder towards establishing themselves as serious artists. And they did.

Todd is the oldest brother, and his instrument is the guitar. He’s the dad-like type and likes to act like he’s the band manager. He keeps an eye in the business side of things and in his brothers – mostly Tyler. Even though he has a pretty annoying attitude, he’s good at what he does.

Tristan is the youngest brother, and his instrument is the drums. He’s the one that keeps everyone together when things get heated up. He’s calm, patient voice and bright smile can melt the hardest of hearts.

Tyler is the middle brother, and his instrument is the piano. He’s also the lead singer, which means he’s the one who gets most of the attention. Or the one who likes to get most of the attention. He fits the typical young popstar description – obviously handsome guy, full of himself, with a bit of talent, and a questionable fashion sense. Something in this combo catches Becky’s eye.

Here’s an excerpt of the first time Becky sees The Hacks performing live:

My eyes fall on him for a moment. I slowly start to put his rock star attitude into place. No wonder he feels like one – his fans treat him like one. He’s clearly the most popular of them, not unusually, though – lead singers normally are. And he enjoys it. He uses it on his favor. Although he’s not a very sexy figure on stage – more of a clumsy rag doll – he has the crowd on the palm of his hands.
He owns the stage, he owns his instruments, he has that nice out-of-tune-yet-still-pleasant voice, he demands attention. He makes sense in this context. And he definitely knows what he’s doing – every wink, every hair whip, every thrust is so clearly calculated. And the effect they have on the crowd is ridiculous.
When they’re halfway through the set and I my eyes are still glued on Tyler, I have to admit it – he has it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

But this is just the start! As Becky will find out for herself, not everything is as it seems. People have layers and we usually misjudge them at first glance.

Curious yet?

I’m one chapter away from finishing the first draft! It’s coming rather soon, so keep an eye out for this one. There might be a surprise around it before the year ends…

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1 thought on “MEET THE HACKS”

  1. boy bands are the best thing in the world hahaha :p
    I love boy bands and pop punk, so I would probably buy the tickets for their show and have fun in double ♥

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