Let’s see — or rather hear — what my February sounded like!

I find it hard to say bye-bye
Even in the state of you and I

I rediscovered this song this month because of an interview where Matty (the lead singer) talked about it and about this specific performance. I love everything about it — the lyrics, the emotion, the several meanings it can take. Needless to say, it inspired me a lot!

Everybody tells me what I should’ve done now
‘Cause I only ever tell them when you’re letting me down
Oh, high hopes and low blows
I hope you know
Just how much I’ve wanted to leave you
But there’s nobody else that can be you

Are you a fan yet? If not, what’s wrong with you?
This is probably my favorite track from her new album. I love the conflict in it, I love how at the same time she recognizes this relationship for what it is, she struggles to let it go. Also, that voice??? I mean, really??? I have goosebumps all over.

I guess I just felt like
Giving up today

I’m not a John Mayer fan, but every now and then he releases a song that just hits the nail in the head. I related so much with these lyrics, I feel like I could have written them myself. It’s really short and to the point, and I think it really captures the moment we’re living in as a society.

Can I keep you as a souvenir?
Can I take your shirt to dry my tears?
Can I meet you here this time next year?

I know everyone’s criticizing this album, but if you grew up with her like I did, you can’t help but love the general vibe she brought back with this! At least this is where I’m at — I absolutely loved every single song in this, it reminded me so much of the beginning of her career. And this song in particular has such a nostalgic air to it, I can picture a whole story in my head.

If you keep reaching out
Then I’ll keep coming back
And if you’re gone for good
Then I’m okay with that
If you leave the light on
Then I’ll leave the light on

I am absolutely obsessed with this song! This version in particular, which somehow sounds so different than the album version. This video was sent to me by a friend, and I haven’t been able to stop watching it since. Apparently, Maggie is singing about her relationship with her fans, but it might as well be about friendship — at least that’s what it means to me!

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1 thought on “FEBRUARY IN SONGS”

  1. I loved Light On and I’m soooooo happy that you liked Avril’s new album too ♥
    Also, I can perfectly imagine Alana’s singing Souvenir while she thinks about Harry! ♥

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