Twelve days, eight shows, six cities. An unexpected, yet impossible to refuse invitation. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many unknown artists land this kind of gig? According to Pete, not many. He wanted to accept it, so I agreed. Maybe this would open the door to our first album.

This is how book #2 starts!

Becky and Pete form an unnamed pop-punk duo that have been trying to break into the scene for a decade. They are childhood friends, really more like siblings, who have moved to London from a small town up north at a young age. They’ve been hustling and bustling in the big city, knocking on every door, playing in every ditch, with little success. That is, until now.

They receive an unexpected invitation to be the opening acts for The Hacks – an American bubblegum-pop band, once one of the biggest in the world, now just remembered in ‘where are they now?’ lists and for their one-hit-wonder catchy first single. They might not be on the top of the charts anymore, and not even in the same genre as Becky and Pete, but they are established as independent artists and might open one or two doors for them.
Pete is over the moon with the opportunity, and Becky decides to go with it, even if she has no recollection of who The Hacks are. But she trusts Pete. He’s the only person she trusts in this life. In fact, he’s the only person she has in this life. Pete is the only one that knows how to deal with her, the only one she managed to not drive away from her life. He knows her like the palm of his hand.

Becky is our narrator. She’s a twenty-something, purple-haired powerhouse full of attitude, a little too pessimistic at times, a little too honest at others. We’ll experience these two weeks through her eyes (and her fingertips, as she strums her bright pink guitar). Are you excited? I AM!

I decided to go with first-person narration in this one because this is how I’ve written most of my unfinished stories. It feels like going back to my origins, in a way. It also makes some aspects of the story harder to get across, but hopefully I’ll get there.

I’m also trying out a routine, something I didn’t manage while writing WtNY. I’ve been writing (almost) everyday, from midnight to 2 a.m. I’m a night owl anyway, so this time window has been working perfectly. The only problem is, some days I can’t stop and write through the night. I know this might seem a good thing at first, but I still have to work during the day, so sleeping is still somewhat necessary.

Nevertheless, it’s been quite productive – I’m currently writing the last chapter of the first draft! It’s coming out so soon! And it’s such an improvement compared to WtNY, which took me three years to finish. Granted, Once is a lot shorter, which is exactly what I set out for. I’ve always had trouble with writing shorter stories, so it has been a challenge, but very rewarding.

So, what do you think of this one? Do you think you’re going to like it? Can you already imagine how Becky looks like?

This is it for now, but in a further post of this #CurrentlyWriting series I’ll tell you all about The Hacks and their lead singer – Tyler.

Talk to you soon!

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  1. I LOVE pop punk music, so I’m very anxious to know everything about the story! Besides, in 2016 my hair was purple, so I already loved Becky ♥

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