For those unfamiliar with what this is, let me explain: every April and July, NaNoWriMo runs a ‘camp’. It’s pretty much the same as what happens in November — a month of furious writing — except you make your own goals. You can set a number of words, days, or even hours to write, you decide if you’re working with a first draft or a revision or something else entirely, and you can join one of the cabins to go through the month in groups (which is always fun).

This April, I decided to set my goal by hours and not words as I’ve done every other year. I pledged to write 60 hours this month — 2 hours per day. This is day 8 of the month and how many hours have I written? THREE.

Yes, well, not off to a good start. I hate to admit it, but I’m struggling. Not only to find the will to sit and write, but to find where this story is going. I went traveling last month and spent around three weeks away from the story, so now I’m having a very common problem: I have to reacquaint myself with this world and these characters. I have to rediscover what they want, what they have to say. I have to sit and write!

Sometimes, a little distance from your WIP works wonders. Sometimes, it just brings everything to a halt. I’ve been really frustrated with myself lately, being in this slump and not finding the motivation I need to plow through. Earlier this week I decided to outline the rest of the book to see what exactly has to happen and when. Here’s a sneak peek of what I came up with:

Shout out to Scrivener! <3

Very specific…
On the bright side, though, you can see the outline has over 1k words, which means I found out a lot about how, where and when the things I do know will happen will happen. Now, I just need to… write.

I’m sorry this one is so short and frustrating and that I have nothing new to share with you about Once in a Lifetime. But I’ll end this post with a promise: I will finish it and I will make this long wait worthwhile.
I promise.

In other news, Welcome to New York has been nominated for Best Romance Book of 2019 at Author Academy Awards! You can help out by voting — click the image and find the book cover on page 12. I’ll be forever thankful!

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