Welcome to New York

What happens when nothing goes as planned?

Harry has a secret.
Alana has a secret.

When they meet, they recognize each other’s scars. They bond over the things they don’t say. They find comfort in long silences. But as they learn how to deal with life’s plot twists, they find out the Big Apple has its own plans for them.

A bittersweet story about love, dreams and second chances.



Once in a Lifetime

Twelve days, eight shows, six cities.

An unexpected, yet impossible-to-refuse invitation. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. How many unknown artists land this kind of gig?

After watching a video online, Tyler's band, which has been around for years, hires Becky's band, a newcomer, to be the opening act of their shows in their tour.
Even though they don't fit in the same genre, Becky sees it as an opportunity. Maybe they'll have the visibility and the contacts they need to get a record deal.

Twelve days, eight shows, six cities.
What could possibly go wrong?


Beautifully Unfinished

Charlotte and Matthew have known each other their entire lives. They lived close by, they went to school together, they became best friends.

Charlie has always had a big crush on her talented friend, and everyone knew that, including him. But he never thought of her in that way.

On the summer before their high school graduation, Matty decides to leave. He and his band can't wait any longer. They throw a last party - a goodbye, probably the last memory to take from that life. And that night, he decides to kiss his best friend.

This is the story of how that decision changed their lives forever. And how some things are just not meant to be.