daylyquote: Misinterpretation. So, many of the arguments I see out there in the internet are related to the individual interpretation of what someone says or writes. People being rude and mean to other people just because they have different points of view. What people fail to realize is that everyone is entitled to have different opinions. There is no absolute truth out there. There are only points of view. Once you speak or write something, those words are not yours anymore. They are free, out in the world, for the people who hear or read them to take, twist, understand, agree or disagree. Nobody will ever understand exactly what someone else said or wrote. Nobody. Everyone process the words they hear or read differently, according to their values, upbringing, experiences, view of the world… Nobody will ever completely “get” what you mean. And that is the beauty of communication! The fact that each person is able to have a different comprehension of the same subject is wonderful! Magical! It reaffirms our own individuality, our ability to think in a unique way. People having different opinions on one particular subject is only natural. Someone uses their words to state their point of view on something, and once these words are out there, they can be transformed in anything. Some people will understand and agree. Some people will disagree. Some people will even find a completely different meaning for those words, something that the author/speaker did not even think about in the first place! And this is beautiful. There is no reason to get angry about it. See, when we take an opinion or point of view in a negative way and react to it with anger, we are wasting a huge learning opportunity. We are passing the chance to see something under a different prism, a different perspective. We are denying ourselves the chance to see the world with someone else’s eyes. We cannot let that happen! Next time someone disagrees with you, or that you disagree with someone, take the time to think about what the other person is saying/writing. Put yourself on their shoes for a second. Prevent yourself from being negative about it, and you might just find something completely unexpected.

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