fuckyeahdarrencriss: fuckyeahdarrencriss: Introducing the first (of many, hopefully) FYDC giveaways! This is an official playbill from H2$. It is sealed in a plastic package—I have not touched it! It is sealed with a Playbill sticker (which you can take and stick to things, that’s what I did with my own!) This giveaway is open to any fan or friend in the world—however, if you live outside the contiguous United States and you win, I ask that you help with shipping costs. You may reblog this as many times as you want, and you can like it for an extra chance. But don’t be obnoxious about it because nobody likes the same giveaway ten times on their dash in a row. (Queues are your friend!) Also, you don’t have to be following us. The giveaway ends Tuesday, January 17, at 10:00 PM EST, whereupon I will pick the winner via random number generator. Good luck! -M Just a reminder that this has about two days left! -M

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